Migrating from SQL Workbench/J to Wagon
September 30, 2015 | Andy Granowitz

Many Wagon users previously used SQL Workbench/J to query Amazon Redshift. Older SQL tools are focused on DBA tasks like managing tables, updating schemas, and provisioning users. Analysts just want a simple way to query data, analyze it, visualize it, and collaborate with others. It’s no surprise that we’re frequently asked how to move from legacy tools like SQL Workbench/J to Wagon. It’s super easy.

If you are currently using SQL Workbench/J and want to try Wagon, here are the quick steps to connect to Redshift in Wagon:

  1. In SQL Workbench/J, open the connection window
  2. Grab the hostname, port, and database from the URL, the username, and the password (in the Redshift interface, the URL is called the JDBC URL)
  3. Paste into Wagon (no need to install any drivers!)

SQL Workbench/J connect window

Happy querying!