FUNctional Programming with Haskell - Twitter Tech Talk
December 21, 2015 | Jeff Weinstein

Haskell is our primary backend language at Wagon— it helps us (safely) iterate faster, build for multiple environments, and attracts great engineering talent. It is fun to meet engineers from startups and large companies at Haskell meetups, BayHac, and in the functional programming Slack channel. Many engineers are curious how we use Haskell in production and have invited us to speak at their companies.

Twitter Engineering.

Wagon’s CTO Mike Craig spoke last month at Twitter (and earlier this year at Square) on the pros and cons of using Haskell in production. Thanks to Twitter’s Peter Seibel for inviting us and to their team for posting the video.

Here’s the talk:

If you’re using Haskell at your company, let us know.