Our Mission

We love data and are obsessed with how companies use it. Teams make better decisions when everyone has access to the right information. It's more fun to ask and answer questions with data, together.

Our mission is to make data analysis easier for everyone.

Our Team

Jeff Weinstein
Founder & CEO  

Jeff is a data engineer. He led real-time and batch analytics at Groupon. Prior, he was President of Hyperpublic, a local data platform in New York (acquired by Groupon). Before that role, he was Director of R&D at comScore. He has Computer Science and Economics degrees from University of Pennsylvania.

Mike Craig
Founder & CTO  

Mike is a generalist engineer. He designed and built distributed data processing systems at both Hyperpublic and Groupon. Mike studied Computer Science and Biochemistry at Oberlin College and loves to hack in Haskell.

Matt DeLand
Founder & Data Scientist  

Matt is a data scientist and mathematician. He received his Ph.D. in Math from Columbia University and a B.A. from Yale. He was an assistant professor at University of Michigan and Stony Brook before joining Hyperpublic. Post-acquisition, he led algorithmic sales optimization at Groupon. Matt is an avid cycler.

Andy Granowitz

Andy loves analytics. He was a Developer Advocate for Google Analytics where he built developer platform tools, customized integrations, and led outreach. He studied Math and Stats at University of Pennsylvania and contributes to the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative. Hear him play piano in SF’s premiere Klezmer band, Boyz II Mensch.

Tyler Stalder

Tyler is a software engineer who enjoys Javascript in browsers, servers, and recently in mobile and desktop apps. He built tools for Last.co and chased data around governments and social networks. When not a professional typist, Tyler cycles between San Francisco's best coffee and beer spots.

Tyler Olson

Tyler is a software engineer who insists JavaScript is a good functional programming language. When not at the keyboard, you’ll find him working on his jump-shot at the new Dolores Park basketball court. Tyler studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota.

Benjamin Summers

Benjamin is a generalist engineer. He studied Computer Science at University of Tennessee and has been programming in functional languages for a decade. He was recently at GetScale, Sourcegraph, and Yo. He enjoys eclectic hobbies: music, chess, wrestling, Plan 9, Lojban, compilers, Starcraft, and powerlifting.

Alex Crough

Alex is an engineer obsessed with linguistics and semantics. When he's not working, he's picking up a new programming language, reading a research paper, working on a vintage computer, or just sitting about listening to music.


Kevin Sawicki
Technical Advisor  

Kevin is a technical advisor helping Wagon run faster, better, and stronger. He currently leads the Atom and Electron teams at GitHub. Before joining GitHub he built developer tools at Aptana and Perforce. He previously advised Pixate before they were acquired by Google.

Neal Parikh
Technical Advisor  

Neal Parikh is a computer scientist and entrepreneur. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Science (large-scale machine learning and optimization) from Stanford and his academic work has been widely cited in the literature. He is Co-Founder of SevenFifty and previously worked at Goldman Sachs.

Our Culture

We …

  • have a positive, humble attitude and a hacker vibe
  • work from a sunny, open office in the Mission
  • sponsor programming challenges and meetups
  • neighbor a bike shop, a gym, and the best taquerias
  • host happy hours, take field trips, and cook dinners

Wagon HQ
827 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

Our Investors