Transition FAQ

We’re proud to announce that Box is acquiring Wagon. Read the full announcement.

1. How long will Wagon keep running?

  • You can use Wagon through Monday, October 3rd 2016. After, Wagon desktop and web services will no longer be available.

2. How do I export my data?

  • You can export your queries at Your charts, recent results, and snapshot links can be exported from the app.

3. What will happen to my data after Oct 3rd?

  • All data and user accounts will be securely deleted.  No information will be shared with any 3rd party.

4. Will Box have access to any of my data?

  • No. All Wagon data will be deleted after Oct 3rd.

5. Can I still query Wagon’s demo database?

  • Yes, during the transition period you can query our demo postgres databases through Monday, October 3rd.

6. May I have the Wagon dancing .gif?