Wagon is a modern SQL editor for writing queries, visualizing results, and sharing data and charts. Connect Wagon to your Segment warehouse to easily query and analyze your customer data.

Get started

  1. Use Segment to send data to your warehouse.
  2. Download Wagon and connect to your database.
  3. Try Wagon's Segment starter queries. Gogogo!
Connect Segment Sources to Wagon

A SQL editor you’ll love to use

  • Stable, fast, and secure
  • No setup: download, connect, and enjoy
  • Editor saves as you type
  • Syntax highlighting and autocomplete
  • Keyboard shortcuts for everything
  • See statistics and histograms for all results
  • Share by URL, email, and Slack
  • Drag and drop pivot tables and charts
  • Export to CSV, JSON, R, and Excel
  • Read our fun release notes!